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December 22, 2018

A brief explanation on the blog-title.
As you may notice the posts have nothing to do with construction engineering, building neighborhoods and related.


In fact I’m a programmer, the name outskirt development came as the first association of the term development to something that wasn’t related to computers.

But at a second thought It resembles my learning process so I decided to keep it, my approach to development could be defined as holistic, I always try to capture the general picture, balancing the details with context knowledge. Connecting the pieces during registration is a known technique to help internalize notions…

This process has brought me to learn lots of things, metaphorically scale outwards, just like urban outskirt development.

That said the blog is about my experiences programming.
If you want to reach out to me please do so, I’m usually quite friendly.

Francesco Calo

Francesco Calo developing on linux in La Spezia.
Just a programming journey.